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The website is currently being reconstructed and rebranded with its Spring 1973 2007 theme.

(If you're thinking: "Thank goodness that disgusting, childish, tawdry "UFO" theme is history"; sorry - "UFO" is the new theme).

Well, it was going to be that or London - but London I thought is so overdone elsewhere... that, plus I always wanted to be an astronaut. And I was in love with Gabriella Drake when I was 12**. If you're unsure as to who Gabriella Drake is, shame on you. That's her, sitting most prettily, to the right. Anyway, the way things are going, I doubt I'll ever make it as a web designer, never mind an astronaut. I digress).

The good news is that the most important bits of the site are pretty much redesigned, recoded and in place - so if you want to contact me or even buy my professional design service then yes, we're all systems go; should you however, have stumbled upon this site via any page but this one, and found yourself wondering why the fonts are mismatched, or some pages are all but empty, or this doesn't work, or that doesn't work, then now you know why....

These site rebuilds don't happen in an afternoon, nor even overnight, so thank you for your patience while I get the rest of the site together!

**I think I still am...