Things Martin Won't Do

There are few things Martin won't do, ever.

Actually, that's not true. There is only one thing Martin won't do. And that is to soil his hands by working with Flash; this is, of course, purely on the grounds of his good taste**.

If Martin lived to be ninety, he could never live down the shame of being involved in the construction of something as downright tawdry as this or as mind-numbingly tasteless as that.

While Lisa Barone provides both a measured and reasoned argument on the merits of Flash, Martin's own philosophy and perspective on the merits of all-flash web design is distilled within this handy flowchart.


A correspondent writes claiming that that there are flash sites out there which not only look highly professional, but are also tasteful, and fast-loading. Possibly, he has a point too.

Martin is proud to be an associate of fellow nethead, and the genius designer who is Denis Leo Hegic.

**That, plus he flunked the flash exam.

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