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About the web site

The website might be many things (both good and bad) - but one thing it isn't is "static". It has undergone numerous design changes over the years, each with its own distinctive theme; previous themes have included the 1920s; stage magic; religion, signs of the zodiac, the jungle, jazz music, sports cars, railways and ski-jumping, and will undoubtedly undergo many further design changes as the mood grabs me.

So, here it is in its present incarnation with its "homage to UFO" theme. You may love - or hate - the current design. You might consider the design theme to be childish (or charmingly retro); you might find the home page music to be intrusive (or a welcome relief from the usual, run-of-the-mill dross web sites out there? ;-)

My hope - whether you appreciate the design or not - is that you will at least find the site to be distinctive; a step away from the norm, and a web site that you will remember. And, come the day you decide that you would like your own distinctive, memorable web site come back here, and talk to me!

Uh, and the strapline "Designs by Moonlight"? Well, what with the soaring price of energy over the years, I've previously only been able to afford to burn a candle as I slave away of an evening and into the night. Now, even the price of candles is proving beyond this nouveaux-pauvre designer and moonlight is all I now have to work by.

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